Merson Technology provides cloud based solutions and consultancy to companies all around the UK. We pride ourselves on developing first class solutions and helping our customers get the best results from cloud and hosted technologies.

What WE Do

What do Merson Technology Do?

Cloud Telephony

Merson Technology has invested heavily in modern communications. We know telephony is still the gateway to sales for many companies and the route to keeping their existing customer.  See how we’ve helped others and invested in cloud telephony solutions for all types of businesses.

Public/Private Cloud

Does your company need help on deciding between a public and private cloud? How about hybrid solutions? Merson Technology has over 10 years experiance in helping companies select the right cloud solutions for them, and even building private cloud solutions for others.

Development Consultancy

We provide development consultancy to a number of our clients with regards to Microsoft and .NET technologies. Our skills and experience can be vital to businesses who need to accelerate their business growth. We can provide help with Web, Desktop and Server side development.